About Organizer


Bharata Ratna Sir. M. Visvesvaraya was an engineering genius, a visionary, a statesman and most importantly a great Institution builder. The erstwhile Mysore Chamber of Commerce founded by him on May 8th 1916 started serving the interests of the business community since its inception. Mr. W.C. Rose served as the first President of the Chambers from 1916 till 1920. The Chamber later became the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI). Over the last 107 years, the Chamber has had distinguished array of businessman and industrialists at helm of FKCCI, establishing it as an apex organization for Industry, Trade & Service sectors in Karnataka.

Since its inception, the Chamber has sought to promote the national interest by way of both public and private sector led, economic growth and has played a catalytic role in policy making at the State and Central level. FKCCI today has a membership drawn from all sectors of Industry, Trade & Services. With a century of service in commerce and industry, it is no wonder that the FKCCI stands as one of the five foremost chambers in the country apart from being the oldest parent chamber of any state in India.

Currently, the membership at FKCCI stands at 3200 direct members and more than 250000 indirect members drawn from all sectors of Trade, Commerce and Industry, spread over Karnataka, including 30 District Chambers of Commerce and 200 Trade Industry Associations.

The Federation is a member of national bodies like FICCI, ASSOCHAM and also the International Chamber of Commerce. Being a member of global trade associations, FKCCI facilitates collaboration of trade between Karnataka’s industries and overseas enterprises, and also holds talks with international trade entities.

FKCCI’s mission is to promote the cause of Trade and Industries in Karnataka, give necessary guidance to members, help frame policies and deliberate on matters of regulation and taxation.


The objectives of the Chamber are:
  • To be the prominent voice to protect and promote the interest of business and industry in the
  • To provide a forum for businessman to discuss and deliberate on issues affecting their general
  • To regularly interact and work with the Government in resolving the various impediments that arise from time to time in business and economic
  • To compile, analyze and disseminate information on business and economy to its members and the community in
  • To organize seminars, workshops, symposia and training programs on subjects of topical interest for the benefit of members and the general
  • To publish papers, books, monographs, studies , from time to time in the service of the members and the community.
  • To provide a platform for business missions from abroad for developing bilateral trade / multilateral trade and to sponsor business missions from time to
  • To conduct research in different areas those have a bearing on Trade, Commerce and
  • To organize exhibitions, trade shows, buyer-seller meets, catalogue shows and the like for the benefit of members and the
  • To seek and represent business and industry in various government bodies and


  • Promotion of international trade through meetings with visiting foreign business delegations, participation in Trade Fairs / Exhibitions and visit of delegations
  • Expert advice on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate
  • Recognition and empowerment of women in
  • Create awareness and initiate projects in support of Skill Development and Make in India
  • Platform to interact and gain knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table
  • Business research to support activities of FKCCI by bringing out research based information which can be used for submission to the Government and to prepare discussion notes for use in workshops and
  • Participation in Expert Committees of FKCCI. The Federation has more than 30 Expert Committees, which regularly take up issues of its members’ interest in various fields with policy
  • Redressal of general / common problems of members at Central / State Government levels and other
  • Assistance in identifying joint venture partners at various national level events, organized by
  • Access to FKCCI periodicals /
  • Access to Library, Study Reports &
  • Certification of Export         documents   including     Certificate   of Origin and Visa Recommendations Letters for business promotion visits
  • Executive Developmental Programs with special focus on Human Resources and Labour / Industrial
  • Nomination of Member’s Representative on Committees / Advisory Forum constituted by the Central / State


Ever since its inception, the Federation into which the Chamber has grown has gone through many vicissitudes but has always come out successful. Enjoying the trust, confidence, and support of its members, it is undoubtedly the largest and most representative body of Trade, Commerce, and Industry in the State of Karnataka. It has taken up every kind of issue or problem, big or small, affecting industrialists and businessmen and patiently and sincerely tried to resolve them through dialogues or through other means with Government or other Authorities, at the local, State or Central levels.

What is notable is that its approach has not been confrontationist at all, but more that of a partner progress for economic and other development. This is probably the reason why most of its recommendations and suggestions have been properly weighed and considered. If there has been a spurt in industrial and general development and more congenial environment prevails in the State, a large portion of the credit must go to the FKCCI and the businessmen and women it has groomed.

The FKCCI has taken a special interest in fostering Women Entrepreneurship, for women are indeed taking big strides today. Similarly, FKCCI is interacting with Management education institutions to obtain better managers for business and industry.

The chamber has pro-actively promoted trade and economic relations with countries all over the world, in the five continents. Most Foreign Business Delegations which come to Bangalore in search of better business projects invariably call FKCCI. Every year, FKCCI sponsors delegation visit to some of the countries to study their achievements, participate in Trade Fairs, make contacts, explore and build a new business opportunities. Some of these trips have taken place in association with Government / Official delegations.

Way Forward

In the context of globalization, and the highly competitive international trade environment, no organization, which claims to represent Business and Industry in any country, can afford to stand still. It has to respond to each threat or opportunity, protecting and furthering the interests of its members and the country as a whole.

In fact, it has to speak for all sections of the people. This is what FKCCI is trying to; it wants to create greater awareness. Recognizing their significance for the Indian economy in general, for exports, and the employment opportunities they can create for young people in particular, FKCCI’s focus is turning to Knowledge-based Industries and Services and the Manufacturing Sector. But it will continue to, promote equally the interests of others.

Adoption of the new Constitution, membership re-categorization, re-positioning monthly magazine and to include more research based articles, purchasing of land and establish state-of- the-art training facility, set-up a Business Research Cell with an objective to present unbiased position papers and act as a data bank, initiating steps to establish an Arbitration Cell, restructuring of the Secretariat, are all designed to meet the new challenges.